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COVID-19 Policies

Managing the risks of COVID-19 is a whole new experience for all of us. We have implemented the following policies to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our members. Please respect these rules when visiting our facility.

Wearing a mask is mandatory when entering and exiting the building.

No mask required while you’re exercising.

Classes will be 45-50 minutes long to allow for proper cleaning between classes.

Anytime you leave your workspace (ie. go to the washroom or grab equipment) you must wear your mask.

Our staff will take care of sanitizing the equipment after each class.

The water fountain will be off limits so we recommend bringing your own water.

You may bring your own chalk blocks but you must brush off any leftover chalk after you're done using it. We recommend bringing a small towel for your hands. We do provide liquid chalk to our members at no additional cost.