Erik Caron


Erik’s life has always revolved around athletics – from playing many sports at a young age, to playing Junior ‘A’ and then U.S. Collegiate hockey, as well as coaching/teaching hockey along the way. Over those years, Erik had the privilege of working with many well respected trainers and nutritionists (NHL, NCAA and Minor Professional) and alongside many elite athletes. Erik always placed an emphasis and enjoyed the training and nutrition aspect off the ice that came with playing sports at an elite level. Playing sports taught him many life lessons that he believes helped shape the person he is today. 

Once his competitive athletic career had come to a close, he moved on to the next chapter in his life where he became an elementary school teacher. He loves that this profession allows him to be able to be a lifelong learner and to have the opportunity to get better and grow each and everyday. 

Erik found CrossFit in 2016 and the many similarities to the athletic career he once had (sense of community, physical and mental challenge, accountability, nutrition, etc.) instantly had him hooked. His willingness to learn and his work ethic are traits that have helped him continue to grow and get better at the newfound sport that he loves – the sport of fitness. Erik decided to take this a step further by merging his love of sport/fitness and love of teaching by becoming CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

  • CrossFit L1 Trainer

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