Susie Proffitt

Stretch Coach

Susie wasn’t an “athletic” kid but she could climb anything and run fast. At 18 she took an interest in fitness and nutrition. Going to Kemptville college for a Food and Nutrition Management program and then Algonquin college for Fitness and Lifestyle. In 2001 she became certified as a personal trainer and has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Her interest in yoga came a bit later and she did her first yoga teacher training 2012.  She believes the combination of strength training and mobility is what helps athletes gain their full strength potential and decrease the risk of injury. Susie attended her first CrossFit class in November of 2020 and loved it instantly. At first only attending classes once or twice weekly but by the spring of 2021 it became a daily habit and she has achieved a level of strength that she didn’t think was possible. She wants to help people improve their overall flexibility and mobility, while staying out of pain and injury free.

  • CrossFit L1 Trainer

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