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Success Stories

Jasmine B.

“When I started CrossFit I thought that my lack of strength was going to be my most limiting ability. Little did I know that mobility was actually the biggest obstacle I would face. It didn’t take long for the coaches to notice that the range of motion in my shoulders was VERY limited. I couldn’t do anything that required an overhead position. I would also later learn that my spine was stiff and my flexibility was lacking there as well. Rob showed me some stretches and exercises and also told […]

Heather K.

Heather started her CrossFit journey with us in 2017 with her daughter and is a regular at 6am. She went from barely being able to do a bodyweight squat to back squatting over 100lb! Notably, she’s noticed significant changes in her everyday life and is proud to take part in the physical work required at her hobby farm! “I do CrossFit – something I never thought I would be telling people but I’m proud to call myself a member at Landmark CrossFit! My daughter, Mandy, and son, Mark, convinced me to […]

John B.

John started CrossFit with us in the fall of 2017 after he decided to prioritize his health. Since joining, he has improved his fitness and overall mobility. John also took the initiative to clean up his diet and lost over 20lb. He is proud to set a great example for his kids in showing them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. “After watching my weight go in the wrong direction and feeling my energy levels diminish, I felt it was finally time to do something about it. I was originally […]

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