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Book a 30 minute discussion ( in person, via Zoom, or phone call) to discuss your goals, answer your questions and learn about what you can expect when you work with a Nutrition Coach.

Nutrition Coaching

We provide you with the tools, support and accountability necessary to achieve your health, weight and body composition goals.

This program is perfect for individuals who:

Want to lose those stubborn pounds that have snuck on over the years

Have struggled to lose weight and maintain it in the past

Need guidance with food choices and support developing healthy habits

Suffer from food intolerances and need support with an elimination diet

Want to improve their performance in the gym

Are preparing for an upcoming competition or athletic event

Want to change their body composition

You will receive:

A detailed Intake Interview including goal setting, lifestyle evaluation and current nutritional habits

A Comprehensive Total Body Assessment using the state of the art Fit3D Body Scanning Technology to establish your starting point

A Written Nutrition Plan customized to you and your goals, delivered in print and soft-copy for your ongoing reference

Weekly check-in meetings (in-person, via Zoom or phone call) to review your progress, discuss successes and challenges and make plan adjustments as required

Bi-weekly Fit3D Body scans

Weekly Food Log reviews

Weekly goals and healthy habits

Weekly actions steps and written follow-up

Customized meal plans*

Anytime text or e-mail support from your Nutrition Coach

Reference Materials

Nutrition Coaching: $68 bi-weekly

Fit3D Body Scan

The state of the art Fit3D Body Scanner will help you identify your wellness starting point, set achievable goals, and track your success over time. The data the Fit3D collects includes: your height, weight, balance, key measurements and uses a complex algorithm to determine your body fat percentage and various measurements to give you a complete picture of your body composition.

Single Scan : $35

4-Pack : $100

Nutrition Consultation + Customized Meal Plan

Meal plans are a great way to get a sense of what and how much you should be eating for optimal health. Our customized meal plans will get you started on your journey.

Customized to your goals, lifestyle and dietary preferences, you will receive:

A Fit3D Body Scan

Customized Daily Macronutrient Targets

A 7 day sample meal plan including recipes, nutritional breakdowns and grocery lists.

Customized Plan: $79