Jasmine Baylis


born on: March 20, 1980
email: Jasmine@LandmarkStrength.com

Jasmine’s passion for health and wellness started when she became a Registered Nurse in the operating room and witnessed the effects of poor diet and lifestyle choices. Feeling like she needed to do something to prevent illness and disease rather than just treat it, she looked to nutrition and sports.

Jasmine started running in 2004 and has participated in races from 5km to a full marathon. In 2016 she joined CrossFit to complement her training, but CrossFit quickly took over as her sport of choice. She even completed an intense 12-week strength training program with coach Rob to improve her performance. After experiencing the positive effects of proper nutrition and exercise herself, Jasmine wanted help others achieve this as well. She went back to school to get her diploma in Natural Nutrition, competed the Metabolic Analytics program with Charles R. Poliquin and the CrossFit Level 1 Training program.