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Book a 30 minute discussion (in person, via Zoom, or by phone) to discuss your goals, have your questions answered and learn about what you can expect as a member of Landmark Strength.

Landmark CrossFit

CrossFit workouts are challenging but worth the effort. And when you pair the unparalleled fitness stimulus of these workouts with sound nutrition, you get a program that is more transformative than anything you’ll find in any other gym anywhere. CrossFit is simply the best way to find the best version of yourself, inside the gym and out. Show up at the gym and show up for life.

Classes are led by coaches who really care. From warmup, to workout and everything in between, we'll keep you safe and working towards your goals!

Includes a mix of functional bodyweight and barbell movements, olympic weightlifting and basic gymnastics to create a comprehensive and well rounded program.

We track every rep, every pound lifted and every personal record with our app so that you can keep pushing forward!

Intensity levels are adjusted to challenge the individual and safely improve fitness.

Workouts are different every day. Never get bored!

Join our community, cheer each other on and share in each other's successes. Fitness is more fun with friends!

Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

Kids & Teens

Our U13 and U17 classes are composed of elements designed to reduce Exercise Deficit Disorder and poor lifestyle choices: laying foundational movement patterns, providing kids with a portion of their prescribed amount of exercise for the week, improving muscular fitness, and engineering endless opportunities for success—all while keeping the class fun and engaging. As an infinitely scalable program we can also bring the benefits of physical activity to disadvantaged populations.

U13 (under 13) - Now running!

U17 (under 17) - Now running!

Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

Olympic Weightlifting

Hone your skills with Landmark Strength's Olympic weightlifting programs.

Whether you need specialized personal training, custom programming or a reliable and well equipped space to lift, we've got you covered.

Programming written by experts that have produced multiple national champions

Programming powered by JustLift

Personal Training

A custom program tailored to your specific goals will be developed and you will be guided every step of the way through the appropriate exercises, rest periods, weight and rep selections, and all of the other variables that come along with implementing an effective program.
Personal Training is great for:

Fat Loss & Increasing Muscle Mass

Training Remotely (online options available)

Athletic Conditioning

Preparing for Physical Testing

Team Training

A custom program tailored to your team's specific goals will be developed and your team will be guided every step of the way through the appropriate exercises, rest periods, weight and rep selections, and all of the other variables that come along with implementing an effective program.

Off-Season Strength & Conditioning

In-Season Training

Fitness Testing

Team Bonding Activities

Holistic Nutrition

If you have specific goals, are looking for accountability and guidance and want to see results as fast as possible, our nutrition program is for you.

Form healthy habits

Master meal prep strategies

Receive constant feedback and support

Look, feel, and perform better than you ever have before

Stretch / Yoga

A Hatha Yoga inspired stretch and mobility class specifically designed for the CrossFit athlete. A full body stretch with focus areas including ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders and wrists. This is the perfect class to help improve recovery, ward off aches and pains, improve mobility and increase performance.

Sweat Express

All aboard the Sweat Express!
Cardio • Free Weights • Killer Workouts

30 minute classes

Plyometrics, free weights and bodyweight exercises

Challenging for anyone. Accessible to everyone.

Landmark Boot Camp

Landmark Boot Camp workouts are designed to build muscle and torch body fat, incorporating bodyweight and resistance exercises in a 45 minute high-energy class, guaranteed to take your fitness to another level!